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Singapore Flag
  • Capital : Singapore
  • Population : 5,312,400
  • GDP : $270.020 billion
  • Per Capita : $50,323
  • Calling Code : +65
  • Jobless Rate : 1.80%
  • Time Zone : +8
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A Collection of Singapore Photos

Singapore business district

Singapore business district
Aerial view of Singapore business district and city at twilight in Singapore, Asia.

Singapore City Skyline

Singapore city skyline
Singapore city skyline.

Hotel in Singapore City

hotel in Singapore city
Asian girl swim in swimming pool on the roof top of hotel in Singapore city, Singapore and summer concept.

Marina Barrage, Singapore

Marina Barrage, Singapore
Singapore - August 13rd, 2016: Many People enjoying and playing at Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage is the water-supply place of Singapore and is the park for outdoor activities of Singapore people.

Singapore Sunset

Singapore sunset
Singapore sunset city skyline at business district, Marina Bay, Singapore.

Singapore Skylines

Singapore Skylines
Singapore city skylines from sea.

Singapore financial district

Singapore financial district
Landscape of the Singapore financial district.

Landscape of Singapore City

Landscape of Singapore city
Landscape of Singapore city in day morning time.

Largest Cities' Map of

Singapore Map