Hurricane Ian Towards Florida with Strengthened into a Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Ian has strengthened into a Category 4 storm, just 2 mph shy of hitting 157 mph, a Category 5 storm. Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall on Florida's west coast in the early afternoon on Wednesday September 28, 2022.Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian Towards Florida and See What Looks Like From Space

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Hurricane Ian is a very powerful tropical cyclone that is currently impacting South Florida after striking the Cayman Islands and western Cuba. The ninth named storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, Ian originated from a tropical wave that was located by the National Hurricane Center east of the Windward Islands on September 19, 2022.

Hurricane Ian in Florida

Two days later, the wave moved into the Caribbean Sea, where it brought winds and heavy rain to ABC islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and the northern coasts of Venezuela and Colombia. It showed signs of development into a tropical depression later that day, as convection increased and became more focused.

See What Hurricane Ian Looks Like From Space

Hurricane Ian from Space

The International Space Station captured video of Hurricane Ian on Monday as it approached Cuba. The storm is on track to hit the west coast of Florida as early as Wednesday.

Category 4 Hurricane Ian Hitting Florida Live

Hurricane Ian is a tropical cyclone

Hurricane Ian 2022

A tropical cyclone is a generic term for any low pressure system that has some tropical characteristics, such as a closed surface circulation and strong winds blowing towards the center. In this way, it can be thought of as conforming to the general structure of a hurricane or typhoon, but not fitting within the narrower confines of either classification. The term "tropical cyclone" is also used within North America to refer to hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean south of Florida, while in the western Pacific they are referred to as typhoons (typhoons are also sometimes called super cyclones).

Where is Florida in the US

Florida Satellite Map

Where is Florida in the US and Cities Map of Florida

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Largest Cities Map of Florida and Population

Florida Map
Jacksonville Map - 821,784
Miami Map - 399,457
Tampa Map - 335,709
St. Petersburg Map - 244,769
Orlando Map - 238,300
Hialeah Map - 224,669
Tallahassee Map - 181,376
Fort Lauderdale Map - 165,521
Port St. Lucie Map - 164,603
Pembroke Pines Map - 154,750
Cape Coral Map - 154,305
Hollywood Map - 140,768
Gainesville Map - 124,354
Miramar Map - 122,041
Coral Springs Map - 121,096
Clearwater Map - 107,685
Miami Gardens Map - 107,167
Brandon Map - 103,483
Palm Bay Map - 103,190
West Palm Beach Map - 99,919
Pompano Beach Map - 99,845
Spring Hill Map - 98,621
Lakeland Map - 97,422